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Videos about Bowling Through India

Black Craps on Close Up
Blanket Boy and Justin on Breakfast TVNZ

The Black Craps of New Zealand take on India at their own game. Here they are playing ‘India’ in a cemetery in Varanasi.

Maidan Calcutta

Myth New Zealand

Myth New Zealand Kiwi Xmas Carol

In New Zealand they celebrate Christmas a little differently…

Ad for Myth New Zealand


Songs from Myth New Zealand

I want an All Black


Making of Good Keen Metrosexual


Good Keen Metrosexual


Great Place to Bring up the Kids


Kiwi Speak

How to speak like a Kiwi


UK on a G-String

Grow up Harry Potter


Other vids

Baby on the Beanbag


How to read Dr Seuss if you’re 3

Justin on the road


Zorb down hillside


When Justin Brown was laid off he decided to do something positive. Here he is on CNN with Richard Quest talking about the companies around the globe who value – and want to hold onto staff – depsite the current economic times. Be sure to go to the site to see stories about the world’s most innovative companies!

You can read more about this venture in this North and South article.