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in-search-of-swingers-coverPublished by Random House and ibooks US

Justin Brown has the crazy idea of touring the U.S and playing golf with whoever is on the front page of the newspaper in every town he visits. Amazingly, he’s not arrested. With charm and wit, he blags his way into meeting clowns, Stevie Wonder impersonators, crocodile wranglers and drunken beauty queens. In Search Of Swingers is a journey full of mayhem, self discovery and as it turns out, very little golf. You’ll laugh and cringe at the situations this New Zealander gets into in a book that will restore your faith in mad journeys and the kindness of strangers. Note: In Search of Swingers began life in print form (as published by Random House) as Teed Off in the USA.

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An interactive diary of the trip

Teed Off In the USA — US edition